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                                             Hike Rating Codes

 Terrain    Distance
 1 = Very Strenuous     A = More than 13 miles
 2 = Strenuous   B = 9 to 13 miles
 3 = Moderate   C = 5 to 9 miles
 4 = Easy  D = Under 5 miles

Appropriate footwear (boots, trail runners) is strongly recommended for all hikes. Hikers must be properly equipped, aware of their limitations and hike within their ability. In the interest of safety,
hike coordinators may refuse to allow participation by club members or their guests.  If you are new to hiking, helpful suggestions can be found in Take a Hike.  Options for registering for a hike or other event may include on-line registration or phone number/e-mail address for the hike coordinator.  You do not need to sign up for the Wednesday hikes unless specifically requested by the hike coordinator.  Please honor the suggested donation when car-pooling to an event.

*Remember to check the Events page frequently for any status changes to events you are interested in or to see new activities. Also, events may be closed, canceled or updated with important information at any time.


For a suggested list of what to bring on a hike click here:

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