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The Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club

The Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club (ODATC) is an organization of individuals and trail-related organizations who meet to recreate in the outdoors in various ways as well as act as stewards of a portion of the Appalachian Trail and the public lands it runs through.  Our recreational  endeavors focus on hiking in Virginia but includes biking, paddling and touring as well.   While the majority of our events occur in Virginia our only true limits are what members wish to limit themselves to. Learn more              

News Flash:

1. Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the ODATC 50th Anniversary Celebration! The ticket price is $35. Look in the dropdown under "Stay Informed" to see more information and order form links.

2.  We've added upcoming Science Museum of Virginia Lunchbreak Science Presentation events to the calendar for April and May.  Check them out! 

Upcoming events


Species Management Workshop August 17th

An invasive species workshop will be conducted on August 17th.  Click here to learn more.

REI Grants to Clubs          Campaign Results

Congratulations to all the ODATC members, families and friends that voted with their wallets during the REI Grants to clubs campaign! We were able to get a little more than a third of all the votes which resulted in a total grant amount of $4600.00! The turn out on behalf of ODATC was great and we were up against two very strong local organizations - one connected to the James River and the other to local mountain biking, so for the AT to hold its own in the Richmond REI voting was a great accomplishment. Thank you to everyone who dropped their wooden nickles in the ODATC bucket!!

The grant funds will be used to purchase two new chain saws, chain saw kits, PPE and some specialized rock working gear to replace some of our aging equipment that was certainly put to the test after the November 2018 ice storm. Because the grant had to be awarded to a non-profit organizations, the ATC VARO office will coordinate the equipment purchases. Hopefully the new gear will keep the maintaining work running as smooth as possible - that said we don't need another ice storm to field test the new saws!!

On another note - ODATC also received an L.L. Bean Grant for $856.29, also for the purchase of a new chain saw and related equipment! As this grant was awarded directly to the club we will have the pleasure of purchasing the L.L. Bean saw and gear. L.L. Bean has been a great long time supporter of the AT and has funded a couple of our kiosk projects in the past. If you're in the L.L. Bean store over in Short Pump let them know that we appreciate their support of the AT and our club.

The board continues to keep an eye out for grant opportunities to help fund trail and club operations and things are looking promising for additional support from the AT license Plate grant program and our friends down at the Devil's Backbone brewery. We'll report out on those efforts later this fall - in the mean time "support the businesses that support the trail!"



50th Anniversary T-shirts & Bandannas

Are Here!!!!!!

We have had great success in members purchasing the T-shirts and bandannas that were available at the January 08 meeting.  We have since received a new shipment of T-shirts and are ready to make them available to you. 

See the links below to order your T-shirt and bandanna now.  

. Microsoft Word Doc Order Form With Embedded Spreadsheet 

2. Adobe .pdf Order Form (non-editable)


Stewardship Newletter of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is Available

If you're interested in reading the latest edition of the AT Conservancy's Stewardship Newsletter, click here to download a .docx file. 


  Surge in


If you're interested in why hiking is surging in popularity in the U.S., please click here.

A.T. VISTA 2020


July 31,2020 - August 3, 2020

Location:  Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ

What is an A.T. VISTA?

To provide a forum for the engagement of activities on and near the Appalachian Trail, offering hiking, educational, cultural, and historical learning programs, working with trail clubs, local communities, and nearby partner organizations.

A.T. Vista aims to be recognized as THE forum for engagement of all who cherish the future of the Appalachian Trail’s protection, stewardship, and connection of the human spirit with nature while increasing participation from younger and diverse members.

Hike, Learn, Play. 

  • Hike - hiking and other trail-related excursions, such as bird watching
  • Learn - educational opportunities of A.T. Vista at workshops.
  • Play - meeting new friends, seeing old acquaintances, and engaging in evening entertainment or excursions.

For more Information, visit www.atvista.org

The ODATC Mission

The construction and maintenance of foot trails for hikers, including the Appalachian Trail between Reids Gap and Rockfish Gap.

The provision of excursions on such trails or other areas. 

Offering educational activities related to the need for preserving the great outdoors. 

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