The Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club

The Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club (ODATC) is an organization of individuals and trail-related organizations who meet to recreate in the outdoors in various ways as well as act as stewards of a portion of the Appalachian Trail and the public lands it runs through.  Our recreational  endeavors focus on hiking in Virginia but includes biking, paddling and touring as well.   While the majority of our events occur in Virginia our only true limits are what members wish to limit themselves to. 

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Help Wanted:  ODATC Section Maintainers and Section Maintainer Floaters

ODATC Section Maintainers are an elite group of individuals who have adopted a section of the AT or blue blaze trail between Rockfish Gap and Reeds Gap.  Being a section maintainer is an important and satisfying way of contributing personal time and effort in helping maintain and protect our wonderful trail resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations.  ODATC is looking for volunteers to help fill section maintainer vacancies or to be a section maintainer floater.  A floater would not have an assigned section but would be willing to go up and help the section maintainers.  Floaters would be added to the section maintainer email list to be made aware of maintenance opportunities.  If interested in any of these positions, please contact Lori Ando at lla040322@gmail.com.  

Potluck and Special Speaker for May 9th General Meeting

Mt. Kilimanjaro is commonly referred to as a “trekking peak” in the climbing community, requiring no previous experience or technical skill to complete successfully. Although the peak has a high number of summiteers each year, the highest rate of success is among those with good cardiovascular fitness. 

Is Kilimanjaro on your Bucket List? 

From planning and conditioning to execution, Kilimanjaro is a very accessible peak for Virginians.  Presenter Jeff Reynolds, with over 34 years of climbing experience and a 100% success rate on Kilimanjaro, will discuss the fundamentals from “great idea” to a successful summit day.   Jeff is an international mountain guide for S2Mountaineering, and has successfully led hundreds of high alpine trekking and climbing expeditions in South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica.  

Bring a Dish to share or just come as you are!  Dinner at 6:00pm. Meeting and speaker at 7:00 pm.  Location:  Science Museum of Virginia at 2500 West Broad Street, Richmond VA 23220-2057.  This is an evening not to be missed!

Wilderness First Aid Course Opportunity for ODATC Members

Any chance of hiker injury when crossing a stream, using trail or cabin maintenance tools, encountering a timber rattlesnake or bees, hiking on slippery-wet autumn leaves or icy trails, or driving around a hidden curve in the mountains?  What other scenarios can you imagine?  Unlikely perhaps, but is it wise to learn wilderness first aid just in case, for any time/place when help is not immediately available?  Benjamin Franklin aptly noted, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."  Learn how to help yourself and fellow hikers / maintainers by attending the MEDIC SOLO Wilderness First Aid certification course, brought to you by PATC Member Matt Rosefsky.  No prerequisites.  For adults and youths ages 12+.  Know your loves ones are safe wherever they are.  ODATC will receive 10% of course proceeds.

> Logistics info:  June 3 - 4, 8:30am - 6:45pm each day both days (2-day course), at Richmond Hostel, 7 North 2nd Street, Richmond, VA 

> Please share with your friends and colleagues, as the more folks who sign up, the bigger the donation to ODATC.

> Spaces Limited; register online at www.solowfa.com

> Questions?  See more info at www.solowfa.com or call Matt at 434-465-8733.

The ODATC Mission

The construction and maintenance of foot trails for hikers, including the Appalachian Trail between Reids Gap and Rockfish Gap.

The provision of excursions on such trails or other areas. 

Offering educational activities related to the need for preserving the great outdoors. 

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