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The National Park Service (NPS) Appalachian Trail (AT) Park Office must manage and maintain the AT and the corridor lands that buffer and protect the AT and other associated resources.  In 1984 a Delegation Agreement between the NPS and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) delegated trail management and corridor protection to the ATC.  The ATC, in turn, uses AT trail clubs like the ODATC to perform the on-the-ground work needed to realize these protection goals. 

As a result, the ODATC has stewardship responsibilities for:Paul C. Wolfe Shelter

- Trail maintenance on 19.1 miles of the AT, from Reed's Gap to Rockfish Gap (just south of Waynesboro, where I-64 crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway), as well as for the Jack Albright Trail.

Here is a link to an aerial view of the trails we maintain.  See the Trail Maintenance page for more information on this activity.

Paul C Wolfe Shelter

 - Maintaining the Paul C. Wolfe Memorial Shelter, built by ODATC members in 1991.  It took approximately 30 people every weekend for two months to complete the shelter.  Materials were hauled two miles by hand and tractor. 

 - Border monitoring the NPS corridor through which our section of the AT runs.  This includes annual assessments of the boundary monuments.  See the Border Monitoring page for more information on this activity.

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