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UPDATED: June 17 (Sunday) - The Buck Ridge/Buck Hollow Loop (C2)

  • 17 Jun 2018
  • SNP - Contact Ted for staging details

Ted Nelson (theodore.nelson@yahoo.com).  Note that the date for this hike has been changed to June 17.  Distance of 6 miles and 1,800 feet of elevation gain. This is a little used but interesting set of trails in the central section of the SNP.  It contains one of the steepest climbs in the Park and therefore its rating.  There is an option to add a couple more miles with little elevation once the major climb is done. This is a fantastic hike to do in the winter and in the snow and where a dog sled team had been observed once.  We plan to stop for dinner on the way home for those interested.  Contact Ted for additional information.  Personal note from Art: I hiked this once and enjoyed it, other than a yellow jacket sting (the wasp made the ultimate sacrifice.)  We got passed twice by two trail runners going in the opposite direction.  It was their fourth trip around!

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