June 2 (Friday) Jones Run and Doyle’s River Fall Circuit (C/2)

  • 02 Jun 2017
  • SNP

This is about an 8 mile hike, with about 1,700 feet of elevation loss and gain, more or less.  My last hike here, a year ago, I ran into three bears, the last of which wanted to be my new best friend forever.  I bought a canister of bear spray after that hike!  We should see some decent water falls unless it gets really dry, and some lingering wildflowers.  We will also swing by the Potomac AMC hut for a look.  Contact Art Ritter at o2behiking@yahoo.com to confirm that you are coming, and for details of the meeting time.  We will meet at the I-64 Exit 173 Park and Ride.


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