May 10 (Wednesday) Master Naturalist Named for Garlic Mustard Pull

  • 10 May 2017
  • 9:30 AM
  • Humpback Rocks
May 10 (Wednesday) Helping the AT and Giving Back

The AT has a problem.  The Garlic Mustard is the most feared invasive plant in the Blue Ridge. It displaces native wildflowers, can take over the forest floor inhibiting forest tree regeneration and threatens habitat needed by butterflies. It has no natural enemies. The seeds stick to  hiker’s pants and boots and later drop off at another location. The AT is becoming lined with this enemy.

Master Naturalist , Caroline Meehan, and a Native Plant Society member will be joining us to show us the enemy.

The Wednesday hike on May 10 will be in the mountains to pick Garlic Mustard plants for 3 hours. The work is easy, no tools are needed as there is no digging and we will have bags. Do bring gloves (gardening type recommended) , a walking stick, water, snacks and lunch.

Wednesday hikers, this is a good time to give back. Remember all all those weekend work trips we keep putting off? Late Spring is a wonderful time to be in the mountains. We need to meet at 9:30 AM at Rockville park and ride to get to Humpback Rocks, work on pulling the plants and arrive back at the park and ride about 3:30 PM.  Call or e-mail Jim Hunt to have your name added to the list or workers  (804-730-2364 or hikerjimhunt@hotmail.com).

To read all about the destructive influence of this beastly plant go to

 www.blueridgeprism.org – Invasive Species Fact Sheet - Garlic Mustard, or


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