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Goal – To let people know that the AT exists and that ODATC, located in Richmond, is the local club supporting the AT.

Outreach Activities Scheduled for 2018:

  • 1.    January 1st                              First Day Hike
  • 2.    February                                Sponsor a REI Event
  • 3.    March 8, 9,& 10                     Banff Film Festival Outreach Table
  • 4.    March 24th                            REI Introd. To Backpacking Event
  • 5.    April                                       Earth Day Hike/Event
  • 6.    May 1st                                  Explore the Outdoors Event
  • 7.    June 4th                                  National Trail Day
  • 8.    Sept. 14th                              UMFS Outreach Table
  • 9.    Sept. 24th                              Family Hiking Day
  • 10. Sept. 28th -30th                   Devil’s Brewery Hoopla

Outreach Goals to pursue:

Establish communication between the Nelson County Schools and ODATC

Start/Establish a Trail Club in Waynesboro

Develop a Team building brochure based on the activities with Devil’s Backbone Brewery.

Ongoing Goals

To maintain communication with various shops in and around Richmond ( REI, Blue Mountain Brewery, Pocohantas State Park etc.) by keeping a constant supply of pamphlets and/or business cards referencing ODATC and its activities.

Want to help out?  

email: odatc.outreach@gmail.com


Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club (c). 
P.O. Box 25283 
Richmond, VA 23260-5283
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